A Chord Line Beneath The Geodesic

by Kindred Lost

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spinach pizza Great album, start to finish. So many creative musical ideas are on display here. The Primrose Path is absolutely gorgeous. Favorite track: The Primrose Path.
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    Original pen & ink from 1978 by David Ryle.

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As the analytic beings we are, we want to correct nature by adding meaning to otherwise chaotic, chance events. Forcing a straight line into a curve like a square peg in a round hole or to associate the golden ratio to the Fibonacci sequence.
This collection is a set of music ideas based on interaction between full-bodied chords and straight, static sequencer lines. A study in fuzzy, blurred structures against rigid rhythmic lattices. Intuition against mathematic certainty.
A secondary theme came along somewhere in the interim. The mad idea of geometry carried too far in the 17th and 18th century with the notion of a straight line underground to connect two points along the outer surface of the Earth as a "Gravity Tunnel". This idea was based on the chord distance across a curved geodesic and was even proposed as late as the 1960's as a serious idea. Our minds can create amazing models but the reality is far from practical sometimes.
This misdirection of reality can also be used for music ideas. I tend to force chord structures into places where there is discord waiting, as a way to pit tension against release. I also entertain an alternate scale in the piece "How The West Was Lost" to shoe-horn divergent intervals which would normally be locked into the 12 tone equal tuning system.
The majority of this release is made utilizing a modular synthesizer and a few keyboards and soft synths. There are occasional guitar parts and samples added. Recorded from 2010 to 2016.
No Moog's were harmed in the making of this CD.


released August 6, 2017

An eternal "Thank You" to the following for their endless support over the years... Richard Galbraith, Ron Sunsinger and John L Rice. Dedicated to my father Wallace Ryle and Mike Williams. Two dudes who always have the goods yet remain humble.



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Kindred Lost

David Ryle has been playing and writing music for a lifetime. This page offers a look into some of the electronic music treatments and a few other related genre.
Although David is mostly comfortable with a modular synthesizer, the variety also includes a bit of guitar and found sounds.
Thanks for listening and purchasing if moved to do so.
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Track Name: As The Fly Crowes
An infinite line is a perfect circle.
Track Name: Geodesic A